Bread grinder

Our own production bread grinders are suitable for small and medium sized bakeries and supermarkets. Thanks to it’s special construction, the sieves are interchangeable in seconds and it is possible to produce bread crumbs with several kind of diameters.

GRIND series

Compact and space saving design, completely in stainless steel. With its unique construction it is possible to produce several kind of bread crumbs. Customers can order spare sieves with different diameters and can replace them in seconds without tools. The machine produce very small amount of dust when working! The grinding unit is equipped with a centrifugal plate to raise capacity.


  • Working safety: deflectors inside the tube avoid employee to touch the blades, safety limit switch prevents to restart the machine when the blades are open
  • Easy to move
  • The bread grinder is equipped with continuous motor protection
  • Safety switch
  • Low dust consumption


  • Spare sieves for different kind of bread crumbs
  • 230V (monophase) electric motor
  • 1,1 kW electric motor
  • Stand

Technical data

Model Capacity Width x length
x height
Weight Current Motor capacity
kg / hour mm kg V kW
GRIND100 100 350 x 350 x 880 32 400 0,75

2 years guarantee


Directly from the manufacturer

Quick return investment

Competitive price

Easy to change sieves